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I found Singapore to be an incredible place. I had always heard about the city’s “extreme cleanliness,” its unwavering eco-friendliness, and its technologically advanced status. Well, it is extremely clean, it’s super green, and it’s got some of the most advanced infrastructure systems I’ve seen. People take pride in their work and their level of education and almost everyone speaks English fluently. Add to these features some amazing restaurants, hotels, nightlife, and landmarks, and you have one of the most “perfect” cities in the world.


Botanic Gardens

I know what you’re thinking; every city has an area dedicated to botany. This really isn’t my thing, but these are the Botanic Gardens. This place is big, I mean, miles and miles of pure greenery. You can spend hours roaming around the thousands of flora and fauna species. If you love long walks and the outdoors, do it. Just make sure you go early in the morning or late afternoon as the extensive vegetation can make the area very humid.

Gardens by the Bay

Yes. This is a must. You will walk around the gardens and might feel like you’re Alice in Wonderland. Visit them at sunset and into the night for an extraordinary and magical scenery of enormous trees colorfully lit. The Dome, located within the Gardens, has different exhibits throughout the year, and might be worth a visit as well.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

This hotel is home to one of the most popular infinity pools of the world. The view of the skyline is spectacular. If you’re not staying here, you must visit the rooftop bar named Spago- it’s a swanky place, and the cocktails are outstanding, but it will cost you. They’re delicious and are made with fresh ingredients (this is me reasoning with myself why I dropped $30 on a drink). But no, seriously, worth the experience.


Singapore’s mascot. It’s a beautiful statue that is situated on the bay. Great view and great photo op.

Two things that I didn’t get to do that I would have liked to was ride the Singapore Flyer (ferris wheel) and see the Night Safari. It’s on my to-do list.


Clarke Quay

A cute area on the riverside with an eclectic mix of bars and restaurants. Stroll around at day for some riverwalk views, but the fun really starts after the sun comes down.

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

Seafood lovers, welcome to heaven. You can find many seafood restaurants up and down the riverwalk, but this one is a staple. And the restaurants lives up to its name, jumbo.


Want an all-around amazing brunch? Head over to Artichoke. It has great dishes and an even greater selection of beers.


Haji Lane

I loved walking around this street! Not only it’s gorgeous to look at but the boutiques are super trendy and offer a great selection of clothes, accessories, etc. Must visit if you want to shop. (But if you’re serious about your shopping then head over to Orchard Road, it has every brand name you can think of).

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