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Kuala Lumpur

Like many travelers, we used Kuala Lumpur, also known as KL, as a stopover to our other destinations. With only 36 hours in town, we crammed a full schedule of sites and activities, and unfortunately left wanting a little more. KL is a cosmopolitan city where you can find everything. Not as sophisticated as Singapore but as one of leaders in Southeast Asian cities, it is a melting pot of cultures, cuisines, and activities.


Here are some recommendations

Petronas Towers & Views

These two towers, connected by a bridge, protrude through the skyline and are visible from virtually anywhere. But if you want to see them from the best accommodations, The Face Suites, a newly opened hotel/residences has one of the best infinity pools I’ve ever been to with an unobstructed view of the towers. Also, Skybar at the Grand Hyatt not only offers “in your face” views, but also serves as an amazing cocktail and party lounge at night.


Sure, aquariums are for families and kids. Not the KL one. Enjoy an afternoon visit here if the weather is off.


There are several shopping malls in KL. If you are pressed on time, however, visit Pavillion. Not only will you have many shopping options, you can also enjoy some Malaysian food as well. The food court is ENORMOUS and it caters to everyone’s pallet.

Jalan Alor

This is one of the things that gives you a taste of Malaysian and worldwide street cuisine plus several pubs to choose from. We had dinner at Wah Ah Wong, an amazing local cuisine with some adventurous bites as well. Try the barbeque stingray, it is delicious.


Our friend’s brother, Mike, put a pizzeria (Mikey’s Original New York Pizza) in the neighborhood of Bansar. Being from New York, we’d been missing a good slice of pizza and this place truly captivates what New York is all about. Check it out!





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