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Hong Kong

After a mere 15 hours on a Cathay Pacific flight from New York, our Asia trip finally began here, Hong Kong. The overwhelming excitement that we felt led to a very productive first day. We started in the morning with a typical Hong Kong attraction, the Victoria Peak. Thanks to the weather we had unobstructed views of the city skyline; a truly amazing landscape worth the trip up the mountain.

Following was our first temple of the trip, Man Mo, a centric temple with beautiful red lantern decorations and an overpowering smell of incense. We continued our day walking the streets. Our lunch was spent at Din Tai Fung, a dim sum powerhouse. We later learned that it’s a worldwide chain restaurant, thus slightly losing its appeal, but the food was outstanding. Best dim sum I’ve ever had so far- no joke. The area where this restaurant is located has tons of chain shopping stores (Apple, Zara, Forever 21, etc).

We continued our city strolling by taking the ferry across the harbor to the Tsim Sha Tsui, the older part of the HK. The short ferry ride gives you complete 360 degree views of the harbor and skyline. Upon arrival to the other side, we delved into the city’s subway. Being from New York City we’d expected a raunchy underground, yet this subway was everything but. Clean and efficient, we ended up taking it everywhere afterwards. Our first stop, Mong Kok. Here we explored the area, a way different scene than the fusion of different cultures on the modern side of the city. We continued to the Ladies’ Market, an incredible mix of shops particularly catering to women, but with pretty much everything you need. Not our favorite market of the entire trip, but worth visiting once. Most of the shops, however, sell many gadgets and gizmos catering to tourist. Don’t go here if you want to find something local and original.

We ended our first day by dining in Soho, where you can find any culinary treats. I really liked this area.

Our second day we spent exploring the nooks of the city, walking the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade (absolutely fantastic views of the HK skyline, especially at night), and eating at Maxim’s Palace (an experience in itself). Extremely authentic! At night we went to Lai Kwai Fong, an area compressed with restaurants, bars, and clubs where most ex-pats and tourists resort to nightlife activities. We had a great time bar hopping in this area.


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