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Chiang Mai Guide

Chiang Mai, Thailand, Travel
We decided to cut our Bangkok trip short and take an impromptu flight to Chiang Mai because of several people we met along the way that kept raving about it. That’s the thing about traveling to different locations for a long period of time you may meet people along the way that will influence you to change your itinerary.24 hours in Chiang Mai was not enough. After walking around...

Koh Lanta Guide

Koh Lanta, Thailand, Travel
Picking a Thai island to spend a few days in was no easy task, but we finally decided on Koh Lanta. Tranquil but with lots of options for activities, restaurants, bars, and a quirky obsession with reggae music, Koh Lanta is one of the most laid back and friendly places we visited in Thailand. So to no surprise, we fell in love with it. It truly represents all the...